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Well, it’s been a good year. A good 365 days of wellness to educate you on health, fitness, diet, and overall living a better, happier and healthier lifestyle.

For today’s wellness, I’m bringing it back to the beginning. Back to the roots. Back to…well…how we’re all here.

Tumblr has created such a great community for health and fitness blogs of those telling their stories as well as educating us, too. 

Here is the Fitblr directory.

It’s been a good run, y’all. Have a happy and healthy 2012! Remember, you can always find previous “Wellness”es on my page on the upper right corner in case you missed a day or wanted to go back and find one :)


Well, some of it. Here are 20 fitness myths that are completely false.

Let’s take it back. All the way back to the primordials. They knew how to get stuff right (amirite?). Here are some “wild” workouts that you can do to get fit and live healthy!

Have a certain amount of time on your hands? Want to do specific exercises? Input your data, amount of time, and GAIN fitness will create a customized routine just for you!

Ahhh! It’s cold season! Here are some Vitamin C rich foods that will boost your immune system and hopefully make you one of the lucky ones not to catch a case of the sniffles this season!

Drivers: ever want to know how fast that cyclist is going? Cyclists, now you can have your own DIY vest that tells your speed to oncoming traffic, with the hopes they will give you plenty of room to pass and drive on their merry way.

Merry Christmas!

Here are some recipes to make sure that your Christmas this year is one of the healthiest with a ton of yummy food!

The FREE EatBetter GoalGetter will calculate your daily calorie allowance. This will guide you toward the target weight you set for yourself. Every time you eat, you’ll see carbohydrate, fat and protein percentages as well as your progress. And you’ll get motivational messages all along the way.

Tis the season to be jolly…but not to look like jolly ol’ Santa Clause. Here are some “foolproof” ways on how to not pack on pounds this holiday season.

You can never have enough workout songs on your iPod!

Here are 100 more to add to your playlist.

Chappy Chanukkah fellow Jewbies!

Here are some wonderfully healthy recipes that you and yours can enjoy this Hanukkah season.

L’Chaim, Shalom, and CHALLAH! 

Have you heard of the Lazy Man’s Yoga? 

Combining yoga and massage it’ll not only stretch your muscles but bring you to complete relaxation!

Wellness 12.19

Next time you go downhill biking, make sure you bring your pup. They might have just as much, if not more, fun than you will!

Mmmm Apple Pie. NO NO NO NO NO! It’s like the worst dessert! So many calories!


Here’s an apple pie…baked in an apple. Can you say “Guilt Free”?

Need a last minute running playlist? Luckily has one for you!

Now go out there and RUN!