• I can’t decide which ones I want to buy.
  • Emily looks DISGUSTED by the mud…haha! Love the look on her face.
  • I look ridiculous jumping over the fire.
  • Talk about EPIC finish!

I’ll be back, Warrior Dash!

  1. abitofsilliness said: You look AWESOME jumping over the fire! Like you’re taking off into superman flight or something! *haha* Epic!!!
  2. toughestpart said: Too cool!
  3. gillsquirt said: DUDE these pictures are BALLER. expecially the ones of you jumping over the fire! jelly.
  4. runslikeapenguin said: I LOVE IT
  5. thereluctantrunner said: BAD ASS CHICKS!
  6. xjoaniebean said: y’all are bada**!!!!
  7. regainingmymoxy said: They are all great pictures.
  8. with0utlimits said: Hahahaha. I love them ALL. Expecially the one of the entire justice league!
  9. 6n6challenge said: these are all too awesome!
  10. slowestpoke said: i <3 the fire one best :o)
  11. shortmom said: These are FANTASTIC!!!
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