Good Morning, Sunshine!

Stage 2: DC bound! Tears were shed by the fam and I shortly after this picture. I’ll be back before you know it :)

Denver: I’ll make you mine again in 27 short months. Wait for me? 

  1. seeamandarun said: have fun and be SAFE!
  2. chrystimoreorless said: Safe travels!!
  3. buildingothersup said: Let us know if you need anything! In DC or beyond!
  4. pickyourhard said: Had I known you were going to be in D.C., I would’ve driven my happy little self to the airport to see you!
  5. shortmom said: AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Here we go!!!
  7. ironphenix said: Safe travels love. You look amazing. Please send contact info. You never know when a care package will be sent
  8. roundisntmyshapeanymore said: Um, I’m totally chilling at the Denver airport for the next two hours, what gate are you at?
  9. lifewithkim said: Best wishes to you on what I’m sure will be a wonderful, life-changing experience. Safe travels!!
  10. lifechangeneededaisle3 said: :( Too bad your flight wasn’t tomorrow. I’ll be in Dc for a layover. Enjoy and have fun!
  11. uhoh-janellio said: this is going to be an awesome experience! Good luck!
  12. choose2dolife said: Good luck Carli in all your endeavors!
  13. livinglife--inmotion said: GOOD LUCK!
  14. regainingmymoxy said: So scary and exciting and EVERYTHING!!!
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