Even though I was the first one to class today, I got pushed back to the THIRD ROW of TurboKICK this morning. Boy was I pissed. Granted, the punches and kicks I threw could have knocked someone out pretty hard. Plus there is a Ms. Priss who decides to go to all of the classes I go to (she think she’s hot shit, but really, she’s not)…she is proud of her alumni Berkeley, and her car shows it, too. How do I know? She parked right next to me…so close that I had to go to the passenger side of my car and crawl into the driver’s seat.

Unf. So that was my morning. 

Now I’m showered and about ready to head to the Zombie Crawl downtown. Last year, the Denver Zombie Crawl set the world record. I’m not very zombie-esque, but I want to watch it and see all the crazies.

@reluctant @moxy, this one is for you:

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