T-25 Gamma: Speed 3.0

Just…you know…fyi.

Damn it.

I have no one to blame but myself. I’ve been working hard at SNIAGRAB and haven’t done anything cardiovascular outside of work in over a week and eating like I have. Some of that weight may be muscle, but I guarantee the majority of it is fat.

I was really down about it this morning, and novio made me this little graphic:


I’m still pretty bummed about the weight gain, but I’m going to keep my energy positive and my snacking to a minimum. I’m so wiped when I get back from being on my feet 8 hours a day, hauling heavy things from one place to the next, but once SNIAGRAB ACTUALLY opens, I think things will calm down enough that I can get back into somewhat of a routine again.


I’ve been a little quiet on the Tumblr-front, my bad!

I got a temporary gig at SNIAGRAB, helping with set up, selling and breakdown. This first week has been exhausting and I know it can only get busier in the weeks to come…

Luckily, I get a sweet payout: a little $$ and new snowboard equipment for the season at a ridiculous discount! I haven’t had new gear since I started boarding when I was 16 and I sold all of my stuff before Peace Corps.

I’m definitely earning my keep; I’ve been lugging around steel frames, building shelves, manual fork lifting wooden platforms full of products, ORGANIZING said products in the warehouse, lifting ALLTHETHINGS and putting them all down…essentially getting paid to what I think of as “workplace crossfit”.

All for the love of GNAR.

Look what the pup and I did today!
I’m impressed with us!
All the sweat. All the DOMS. All the rest of the day ahead.

Look what the pup and I did today!

I’m impressed with us!

All the sweat. All the DOMS. All the rest of the day ahead.


  • Have one TurboKICK Round perfected.
    Yes and no; it’s not perfected but it’s damn near close!
  • Jog, and cycle, around the city & discover new things with the pup
    Bike is FINALLY in the shop getting its first tune up in over 3 years, but we did jog a whole lot of places and discovered some things!
  • Get a job
    Still working on that…hire me?
  • Don’t stay holed up in the apartment when I could be socializing and meeting new friends
    Volleyball twice a week is fun! I’ve also met up with some old friends, too
For as crazy fast as July came and went, I’m pretty ok with how things turned out! I even taught TKB Round 58 to novio before bringing him out to Colorado!
  • Workout at least 4-5 days a week; get half of a new TKB Round nailed down
  • Drink two liters of water a day
  • Watch what I eat
  • Get a job

Doable, I think. I’ve been slacking on how much my water intake is for no good reason at all. Novio has a really fast metabolism and can eat ALLTHEFOOD without extra poundage; I need to get it out of my head that it’s ok for me to snack like he does. Income would be nice, too.


Guess this means I can attempt my first PiYo video today! 

…but I was kinda hoping to take the pup to the dog park and do some volleyball this afternoon since yesterday’s was cancelled due to, you guessed it, rain.

Crossing fingers for no major floods this year.

Novio and I took the pup on a 4-mile route that Pípe and I scoped out the first week in town. 


I haven’t kept a pace like that since I was in good shape training for races prior to Peace Corps. I forewarned him that I’d be slow, and I imagine that he normally has a faster pace (read: long legs), but DANG. Plus, he’s getting used to the altitude.


So much in 72 hours!

Friday: Meijer’s Sculpture Gardens
Saturday: Caroline St, meetup with kimijoy and Country Club family dinner
Sunday: 6 states (MI, IN, IL, IA, NE, CO), 18.5 hours, 1189 miles with novio complete!


So lovely getting to meet you and Mr. B today :)

Hitting the road to Colorado with novio bright and early tomorrow. Praying for good weather and good vibes.

Gunshow Thursday (still a thing?). I mean, they’re like baby guns, so I’m not too dangerous…

Thanks to a plane delay and eventual flight change I have an extra couple of hours before I’m Midwest bound. So, I decided to try doing all of Round 58. It still needs a little more practice but I’m getting more confident!

So much sweat. Just enough time for a shower before I head out!



  • 1610 meters high
  • Climbing this volcano takes around 10 hours if you reach the crater.
  • The hike up and down the observation deck takes around 6 hours.
  • It’s required to hire a guide. (40 dlls average)
  • Bring enough water and food (2 litters per person recommended)


To think I ran to, up, down, and from this volcano in barely under 5 hours. For fun.

Ni quiere a dios.

Whitney Thore is part of the “No Shame Campaign” which encourages women to love themselves no matter what size or shape they are. Promoting body positivity clearly has some positive effects, confidence being one of them!

Whitney refers to herself as a ‘fat girl’ but you wouldn’t say that after seeing how she dances. Watch as she crushes this choreographed dance to “Talk Dirty to Me” by Jason Derulo.

I wish I had moves like that!


Happy Batman Day!

(via tastefullyoffensive)

So, back in my pre-Peace Corps Tumblr days, I used MFP, DailyMile, Nike+ and Fitocracy to log my workouts and find you guys out there, too. Now that it’s 2+ years later, I’ve shut down my Nike+ and Fitocracy accounts, and I barely use MFP; I’m keeping up with DailyMile so I have somewhere to log things. Also, when I’m up to intervals, I do Zombies, Run! and CharityMiles (when I am familiar with the route and don’t need to rely on my GPS to get me back to my apartment). I like the community/challenge part of those kinds of sites…

My question to you all: do you use a site to track your workouts?

Did a new one pop up over the past few years and I just didn’t read/hear about it? Do people use those kinds of sites anymore? I’d like to get involved with a logging community again, if that’s what the cool kids are doing, of course.