Throwback Thursday. September 2013

Jalapa is having its annual Corn Fest this weekend and I’m still nostalgic. I miss my Nica sisters. Love them so much.

I don’t know what I’m doing differently.

I haven’t worked out since my run on Wednesday and I haven’t changed my eating habits too much, but I like that number and I’ll be happier when it keeps getting smaller!


Another 3.1 miles followed by the dog park today.

Weather looked super gnarly this morning, but as soon as the sun came up, we were out the door and it felt great!

Having slept in on my SECOND day off in over a month (man, this whole working 5 days a week thing is super sweet; compared to 7 days, some of which included 12-17 hour shifts), I felt motivated to take the pup on a run.

School is in session so that means that our normal route on the Boulder Creek trail was probably flooded with students, so we took the high road (ha! a pun!) and went to South Boulder Trail instead.

The little one has been running with novio a lot recently, so naturally her pace was a lot quicker than I wanted at first. We slowed down to a comfortable pace, saw some new sights, had a dirt path to run on the whole time, and then spent some time at the dog park afterwards.

We are both tired puppies, but I’m looking forward to doing it again on Wednesday! Gotta take advantage of the good weather now before the snow kicks in…

3.1 miles





It’s Saturday night…I’m wearing makeup….and I feel beautiful.

Enjoy yours :)

  • Workout at least 4-5 days a week; get half of a new TKB Round nailed down
  • Drink two liters of water a day
  • Watch what I eat
  • Get a job
    I got the gig at Sports Authority for super discounted snowboard gear (even though I put up with way too much BS) AND I’m a new shift lead at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. My coworkers and management team are all great and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, free coffee!

So hi. August was a month of fail on the fitness front. I didn’t have a single day off working two jobs (MY LAST DAY AT SNIAGRAB WAS TODAY AND I GET MY FIRST DAY OFF IN OVER A MONTH TOMORROW!) and I was exhausted every day when I got home.

NO LONGER. I’m down to one job, a GOOD job, and will finally be able to be sane again. So, September may be looking a little more realistic.


  • Workout at least 3-4x a week, including TKB
  • Drink two liters of water a day
  • Watch calorie intake

So I went from 165.1 to 164 (on essentially a full stomach) in the past month too. Going south is what I like to see and I can only hope that number decreases with time.


Mrs. Saltwaterandsass tagged me in the “post the most recent photo in your stream” venture…and here ya go!

It was either this or a screenshot of directions I needed for a place I went to last night.

Drink Peet’s! :)

I tag YOU

Roses, puppies and an attentively awesome novio are a sick girl’s best friends.

TBT: Last Friday Night

This is the only evidence of what happened last week. We’ll see what develops with the group in the future…

DOUBLE RAINBOW 🌈🌈 (at Boulder, Colorado)

…you meet a musician at the coffee shop you work at and talk about your undergrad gigs.

…said musician introduces you to his wife whose group is looking for a female vocalist and suggests you send in some tapes.

…you record yourself singing two songs.

…said wife tells you about their upcoming gig right down the street.

…you go to said gig and musician finds you and tells you wife liked what she heard.

….said wife invites you on stage to sing and jam with the group in front of about 150 Boulder hippies.

…you shake off your fears, you sing the best you can (without warming up and forgetting lyrics).

…said hippies smile, dance and make you feel super confident.

Tonight was awesome.

Guard dog on duty for mama’s new snow toys!

T-25 Gamma: Speed 3.0

Just…you know…fyi.

Damn it.

I have no one to blame but myself. I’ve been working hard at SNIAGRAB and haven’t done anything cardiovascular outside of work in over a week and eating like I have. Some of that weight may be muscle, but I guarantee the majority of it is fat.

I was really down about it this morning, and novio made me this little graphic:


I’m still pretty bummed about the weight gain, but I’m going to keep my energy positive and my snacking to a minimum. I’m so wiped when I get back from being on my feet 8 hours a day, hauling heavy things from one place to the next, but once SNIAGRAB ACTUALLY opens, I think things will calm down enough that I can get back into somewhat of a routine again.