Sweaty Saturday…another Bikram class in the books.

As we were doing the warm up stretches I started to notice more definition in my core. High five, healthy eating and strength workouts!

Namaste, y’all.

Peace Corps Third Goal-ing at the Colorado Mtn College Sustainability Conference

Nice afternoon walk in Steamboat Springs

Cheesin with my girl




One year ago this morning I donned my Dana Farber singlet, laced up my shoes and said a small prayer that I could make it through the marathon and finish due to the injury that I was nursing from my 20 mile training run…

I had lofty goals prior to my injury…. To PR my race time…

I am so incredibly proud of Michelle and was fortunate enough to run a race with her back in 2011. On Monday, don’t for a second doubt that I’ll be cheering you on and anxiously awaiting the announcement that you finished (and PR’ed…obviously!).

BEST OF LUCK in Boston 2014, gf!

Oh hai gym

Had a nice conversation with the sidewalk today…


2 years later and you still do a body so much good.

I got my mom to try it out with me but she made the mistakes of not eating anything since lunch yesterday nor hydrating properly so she suffered.

I’m glad I got an unlimited month pass, I’m taking another class on Monday morning. Sweat feels so good. Stretch feels so good. I feel so good.

Beautiful day for a walk on the river trail

It starts with one.

Me and this pill are going to be very close every day for the next 9 months.

I contracted tuberculosis in my Peace Corps service and now have LTBI (Latent TB Infection).

It’s going to be a rough few months, but it’s what needs to be done.

I’m sorry if you’re not pro-legalization and I’m sorry if you’re offended by this post, but I’m not sorry about how psyched I am to have made my first legal purchase!

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake 🎂🍰😜First big baking session stateside!

So this happened.


Oh hey, new iPhone.

My first month back in America…OH the possibilities!

For the first week and a half or so, or tbd, my left foot is in a splint. Remember when I messed it up in Nicaragua? The podiatrist said it was a possible hematoma and so now I’m wearing the splint to help redistribute the weight I put on it. I’m not allowed to do lower body exercises (i.e. cardio. BOO!).

The other problem is my left shoulder. I tore my rotator’s cuff, again, and I’m restricted on how much weight I can lift/pressure I can put on it. Plus, it’s still separated from when I had my snowboarding accident prior to Peace Corps. So, that’s fun.

Basically, as much as I DON’T want to, it’s necessary for me to take it easy this month. BOO!!!! I’m going to do what I can to stay healthy and active and hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll be back on my regular routine.


  • Easy workouts until I’m back in the game
  • Healthy eating