So, back in my pre-Peace Corps Tumblr days, I used MFP, DailyMile, Nike+ and Fitocracy to log my workouts and find you guys out there, too. Now that it’s 2+ years later, I’ve shut down my Nike+ and Fitocracy accounts, and I barely use MFP; I’m keeping up with DailyMile so I have somewhere to log things. Also, when I’m up to intervals, I do Zombies, Run! and CharityMiles (when I am familiar with the route and don’t need to rely on my GPS to get me back to my apartment). I like the community/challenge part of those kinds of sites…

My question to you all: do you use a site to track your workouts?

Did a new one pop up over the past few years and I just didn’t read/hear about it? Do people use those kinds of sites anymore? I’d like to get involved with a logging community again, if that’s what the cool kids are doing, of course.

While the puppy is away, mama has to do WORK.

Pípe is having her first “trial” day at the doggie day care that I’ll (hopefully) be leaving her at while I’m helping novio roadtrip cross country later this week. She’s the new kid at school, and already she’s the center of attention.

With the apartment to myself (it’s so weird…I can’t remember the last time I was actually by myself without the dog, my parents or novio around…) I thought I’d try some TKB Round 58. The Recovery and Finales (yes, 2 finales) aren’t so bad! There’s a hitch kick in the first finale and I know that’s going to take a while to nail down; I could always just modify with a knee instead. I went through the three sections twice and they’re pretty much there! So much sweat.

The next step is to go through them again, on another day, to see if I remember, then put it ALLLLLLLL together.

Whew, this is going to be hard.

Glad we got out early today. It’s supposed to be HOT in the 90s later on, and hey, we kept a good pace, even though towards the end I had to walk a little because of a side cramp.

Look at that mileage we put in this week! In the morning, we take a 1-mile walk, then in the afternoon, we do another…so a lot of these miles are walking miles and I played some sand volleyball on Tuesday and Saturday, too. We didn’t do a walk this morning (it’s Sunday! I wanted to sleep in just a little more!), but I’m sure we’ll do one this afternoon, so that puts us at 24 total for the week? Score!

Looks like I’m taking another trip to the midwest this week to help novio make the big move (read: 17 hour drive) to Colorado next weekend. We’re hoping to make it in 2 days, shooting to arrive at Lincoln, Nebraska sometime on Sunday. Anyone in that area have a spare couch or yoga mat we could borrow for the night? We’ll pay you back with dinner! 

My new babies! I wonder how long it’ll take before they’re not* white anymore…

I’m just following what Vanessa did, and she technically tagged everyone.

I play by the rules.

6 Favorite Selfies (first of all, there were so many to choose from! I took a lot during my pre-Peace Corps weight loss extravaganza…feel free to check out my archives if these 6 pictures aren’t enough of me for you):

  1. That attitude. That body. I want that and more again.
  2. Before my first triathlon.
  3. Before my first half marathon.
  4. My favorite selfie of me and novio.
  5. My favorite selfie of me and Pípe.
  6. Back in Colorado, looking at Mt. Sopris. My happy place.

Tag. You’re it! 

If you have an extra 15 minutes today, please watch.

For those of us who’ve personally seen what cancer does to a loved one, it’s important you see this.

He hits it so spot on.

Carli for hire.


Good Morning from #Boulder

Mamala and Podge just left to head back to the western slope, leaving me and Pípe to fend for ourselves. Podge cried. I kept reminding him: Boulder is a helluva lot closer than Nicaragua (and hey, Boulder is actually my site, Jalapa’s, sister city!).

I’ve done this before when I was in college. I did it when I was in Nicaragua. This time around, though, adulthood feels so weird.

Still trying to get a job. Buying groceries using coupons like a big kid. Using points to save on gas ($2.55 a gallon baby!). Washing dishes.

It’s so weird. It’s life. It’s happening.

Once novio is here, I’ll feel better. Two weeks will go by quickly. I’ll keep myself occupied.

For now, the peepster and I are going to take a jog around the area and do some ‘splorin.

Novio is the best


Sent me flowers on moving day

Only two more weeks till he’s here with me and Pípe!

5k in a little less than 39 minutes.

Last time on this trail for a while, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Now to pack ALLTHETHINGS because tomorrow is moving day!


Real talk. Lately I’ve been having big time body image issues. I can’t completely blame Forever 21, but they know what they did. I don’t love my body. I don’t even really like it. Having said that, I spent a lot of time on my ride thinking about when I feel the best looking. I have named this person My Hottest Self. This person is as follows:

Hair down, glasses, tank top, boyshort underwear. My hottest self.

Who is your Hottest Self?

Black fitted tee, blue jeans (shorts or pants), hair down and flat-ironed, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Did a trial run of the first half of Round 58 without notes and almost nailed it! Flubbed a couple of times but now I think it’s safe to start practicing the Recovery and Finale sections and put it all together!


I just watched this video after seeing Sarah’s post about making a Zumba routine to it (how fun! I’d like to see how it turns out!). How refreshing to see REAL women (and guy!) have a cute little poppy song about positive body image. Love it!

(via abitofsilliness)

Are we friends on DM?

I’m so proud of me and the pup today.

We did good!

Now, off to attempt Tiramisu for the first time for a birthday coming up. Wish me luck!